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Based on the expressed automation and security needs of our clients, we develop fitting solutions built from a situation-specific selection of a wide variety of automation and security components of the highest quality and safety standards.

Every single component which goes into all of our automation and security solutions passes through rigorous performance tests to ensure that they are capable of their ratings regarding durability, load-bearing.and overall performance.

Our services include but are not limited to the following in the area of automation and security systems:

Sales . Installations . Maintenance . Consultation . Evaluations . Development & Implementation of Automation & Security Protocols

It is not exactly what we do as such that sets us apart. It is how we do it.

What We Do

We exhaust our breadth of experience in automation and security, our conscientious attention to the minutest detail, superior know-how, relentless determination and, innovative cost-effective approach to provide you with what we know, is what you want when you come to us seeking automated and security solutions, Peace of Mind.

We are well aware that, to you no price can be put on that. We realized that the security of your loved ones goes far beyond the considerations of cost. This we have come to realize while working with numerous clients across the country.


Indeed we do provide sales services. However, that is so only as a component service. What we do really, is provide automation and security solutions for residential, private and non-residential business needs.

Sales is as informed by the need of the client to address specific automation and/or security needs.


Here is an integral part of what we do. Installations represent a peculiar distinguishing factor in separating marketers of automation and security systems from providers automation and security solutions. In this one component lies a world of difference for the discerning client.

The marketer sells the products and, at best, transfers the manufacturer's warranty to the customer. Such a n automation and security systems player lacks the adequately-trained and experienced personnel to manage certified installations of the various high-precision components of these systems.

It has always been our goal at Unicity, to provide clients not with components or systems but definitive solutions.


As an extension of our vast experience regarding installations and the solid facilities in place to undertake them with standards comparable to those anywhere in the world, we also provide comprehensive maintenance services for all our installations, ensuring that clients derive the maximum life-use from their investment.


In the same vein, we provide professional and collaborative consultation to clients such as estates, expatriate companies and other clients in particular need of an objective and technical perspective on need for automation and security as it pertains to the unique position of such clients in the case where they are establishing operations in any part of the country or just new branches.


A vital part of our consultation services includes the provision of a comprehensive evaluation report, taking into account the prevailing security situation in the proposed operational base of the client with regards to the most effective automation and security solutions to ensure its being able to carry out its business operations without disruptions.

Development and Implementation of Automation & Security Protocols

Furthermore, we develop, adhering the highest standards prevaricating in the world, affordable, effective and sustainable automation and security protocols for clients to ensure that they have operational policies clearly instituted with guidelines which make it effortless for personnel at all levels to follow.

These protocols form the stabilizing foundation of all business operations, regardless of the sector or industry in which the business operates - oil & gas, hospitality, manufacturing, aviation and so on.

What our clients say...

Our most rewarding experience has been the number and degree of expressed commendation from our clients, both individual and corporate. It is such commendations that make it all worthwhile for us. Nothing beats the fulfilling experience of the encouragement that a positive statement from a truly satisfied client brings. Such experiences have value that go far beyond the margin the transaction represents in our accounts.

What really impressed me the most was how they stayed with us, even after they had completed the installation and launched the locks into operation. One of them, a lady kept coming and, she would ask how things were, if everything was working perfectly.

As the ADMIN officer who approved their proposal, it meant that I didn't have to start calling and running after someone after they had been paid.

Dupe Oresanya, Head, ADMIN, Oregon Hotels, Lekki Phase I, Lagos

We used to have these boys climbing over the fence into the estate all the time. It was a serious problem, giving us cause for concern feeling that, if they could, then it was possible for others who might be of more serious threat to also.

We don't have to worry about that now, thanks to the swift and efficient installation process.

Kingsley Igbeta, Resident, Crown Estate, Ajah, Lagos

About Us

We are a firm which believes firmly that the only sustainable way to do business or build any relationship for that matter, is to address the real needs that people have.

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